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JahTours International 1992
outlook on the future
1992 - New Horizons
GG in front of former Helios
Helios no more
Alain Prost in famous red car
Ferrari roars!

JahTours in Winter 1992:

In early March I flew back to California, my initial idea of going to Hawaii turned into a trip to Mexico, all the way down Baja California to Los Cabos. This part of Mexico is dominated by US influences, paying with Pesos in a supermarket I got Dollars as change! Caramba! So I left the tourist infested area on the Cap to find a more peaceful place near a small town called Todos Santos.

our camp in the wilderness
Jah Tours in the desert
Jah Tours in Baja California
New Beach Hotel
competing youth travel had no clue
Where's the beach?

The bus station was kind of traveller meeting and news exchange point. I quickly found a partner for a few days, Sonja was on a trip and my red sleeping bag and her red tent made a nice pair. We also met an italian surfer who lent us his board to try the warm waves of the early-march Pacific. For those who love the desert and the ocean, Baja is a very exciting place with many remote areas and a lot of surfing opportunities to be discovered.

on the way
Las Vegas
in the registry
in front of the church
in March

After the trip to Mexico I met a couple of friends from Germany who embarqued in the adventure of their life: marriage. To make it easy and keep the family off they choose the Jah Tours Las Vegas package. I met them at the airport and drove them to the hotel. The next morning, after a good breakfast, we first had some trouble finding the marriage registry for the license, all public buildings in Las Vegas were the same toothpast-colored green painted. We made it after visiting the courthouse and car registry. The formalities were really fast and efficient, it took us less than an hour to get the two married on paper. Then they wanted something more spectacular and we went on a cruise down the Strip to find a small chapel in the shadow of the Hacienda. Service was prompt and before noon we had exchanged rings and some pictures taken. In the afternoon we visited the Hoover Dam at the border to Arizona. An evening on the Strip concluded the day and next morning I brought the two to the airport again.
girls wonna have fun!
almost like in the 80s
relaxed camping
Mai 92

Like most years in the month of May a couple of friends and some surprise guests had a good time in Menton. After the weeks in America I did not have much vacation time left and came by train for the Formula One weekend. Many friends from Baden-Baden also made it and the Jah Tours was well alife on the campground St Michel.

Jah Tours summer 1992:

best driver this year
Nigel Mansell
less good drivers
La Rascasse
press conference with Nigel
Monaco 92

And that was it for Menton in 1992. During the summer I spent a couple of fantastic days on the Atlantic and perfected my golfing and surfing in Lacanau.

BK on the way to work
Mission Bay, San Diego

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Over the years many people came to the beach for fun and incredible cheap holidays. Whether or not you were a part of the Menton beach gang of the 80s, we'd like to hear from you.

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