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JahTours International 1987
almost like summertime ...
Easter Break
Bernie went to Hollywood!
Westcoast USA
dinner with Jah Tours
Camping summer

Jah Tours Spring 1987:

This spring I had more time for the World and a little less time for Menton. During the Easter break I also rented a bike to ride to St Tropez. But the western part of the Riviera was less attractive so I came back to Menton and spent the days on the beach with friends from France and Germany.
best spot on the promenade
Helios Hangout
California Surfing!
San Diego Beaches
exploring new horizons
Oregon Pacific Coast

Jah Tours summer 1987:

one last night on the beach
Jah Tours 87

nice to meet you!
Norvegian girls
famous sign with familiar names
Mountains were fun!

During the summer of '87 I was working in Munich so I took a different approach to my summer biketour. In July I came by train for a preview-weekend and the biketour followed in August after another middle-distance Triathlon. From Lindau it took me two and a half days down to Menton. As usual I was greeted by friends when I arrived with my bike. But no more sleeping on the beach :-(, I had to drive up to the Camping St Michel and found a place behind GG's tent.
my place behind Gunter's tent
JB at the Camping
summer fun with the crew
Helios Beach I
international friendship
Helios Beach II

1987 was a weird year. In spring I was zapping accross the World, summer saw me biking all over the alps, I filled up the list with the passes above 2000 meters quickly. Trips to Switzerland and Italy rounded up my knowledge of the Alps. As I had very little time I also started minimalist baggage carrying for better performance. Daytrips of 200..300 kilometers were fun in the mountains!
yes, no heavy baggage
Furka, Switzerland
light and safe travel
Bernina, Switzerland
Haute Provence
Col d'Allos, France

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Over the years many people came to the beach for fun and incredible cheap holidays. Whether or not you were a part of the Menton beach gang of the 80s, we'd like to hear from you.

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