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JahTours International 1984

Shaky Morning on the Beach

Jah Tours Spring 1984:

beach action in MC

Monte Carlo '84
Pre-war Bugattis race in Monaco

Historic Formula One '84
Almost like in the old days

Bugatti 1934 .. '84

In the historic Orwell year of 1984 I found back my freedom, let my hair grow and did a lot of hitchhiking. Somehow I did not make it to Menton during the Easter holidays and ended up on Sicily instead. But in May I made it back to Menton/Monaco/Cannes for the annual Formula One and Filmfestival events. Weather was not that good but with my friends we found some excitement between the showers.

Jah Tours summer 1984:

Col d' Iseran, third highest in the Alps

Above Val d'Isere '84
Sometimes I had to push hard!

Up the mountain
The mountains in the back is the Mercantour National Park

Bonette 2802m (9000ft)

For the biketour in July I was better prepared than in 1983 and I made it over some pretty high mountains: Col d'Iseran 2770, Col de la Bonette 2802 and some minor ones like Mt Cenis, Montgeneve and Izoard. After a few days above 2000 meters I was finally rolling down the Var Valley again to find Menton with my friends already present.
Jah plays tricks on the promenade
Jah Tours attracted more EFs '84
touching Nini
My hand on her's '84
or another nice look
Looky-looky was ok in '84
Bernd with Kiki and Nini
Preparing for the evening

Bernd2 whom I'd met way back in 1979 was back for a few weeks and we met two girls from Lubeck, Nini and Kiki. These two attracted a lot of other young men so Jah Tours became almost the center of town! Also some boys form Hamburg bonded up to Jah Tours and we were very North German during July.

Election of Miss JahTours 84
JahTours Topless Bikini Contest '84

One of the best places to meet new recruits for the beach was the train station. This year I was lucky and met Gunter who should become an icon for the beach community in the following years. Another young conscript was 'Kremsman', from Vienna, this year he was still touring Europe with InterRail, in 1985 he and many others became addicted to Jah Tours.
Evening in Monaco
International Friendship '84
Evening with the italian girls
time for talk .. making friends
Jah, Bernd, Kiki, Nini at the Indian's Place
authentic athmosphere

After two weeks of hilarious fun the crew changed with the late July departures and early August arrivals. Holidays in the North came to an end and more and more travellers from southern Germany became members of JahTours. There was a group of girls from Munich, just in front of the Boysfrombeach, sure enough they were not left alone for long ...

Jah Tours Beach nomen est omen II
JahTours beach '84   Grand St Bernhard '84

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Over the years many people came to the beach for fun and incredible cheap holidays. Whether or not you were a part of the Menton beach gang of the 80s, we'd like to hear from you.

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