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JahTours International 1982
JTI on the beach in Agadir, Morocco

Jah Tours Spring 1982:

On my way back from the Jah Tours trip to Agadir I made it to Menton and Monaco between two trains. It was almost as mild as in Southern Spain. Then I came back for Springbreak in March. That was a literally cool affair, this year's Easter holidays were too early. Furthermore I did not have the time for the biketour, just two weeks so I hitchhiked to the Rivera and I spent most of the time in the western part around St Tropez or in Monaco.

washed-away beach in January
Menton beach in january 82
Camping at the Helios
Spring camping experience

1982 was a weird year, like so many others ... No, I finished school in May and before being submitted to military service I spent six good weeks on the Riviera. Most of it in Monaco and Menton, but during the first week in St Tropez my camera got stolen, hence no pictures from that time. On the way to St Tropez I discovered the Cannes FilmFestival, a rather low-key affair at the time. Back in Monaco I teamed up with two Englishmen and we had a very good time living on the cheap in the glittery paradise. The Grand Prix Formula One was exciting, we found the right way to enter for free and had a good time with other fans and people from the media.
they will catch you!
French police car
Hollywood calling!
Cannes in May

Jah Tours autumn 1982:

Somehow I managed to get a few days off from the military and hitchhiked south again. This year's september was a sad time in Monaco, it was just after the fatal car crash of Princess Grace. I had seen her back in May during the Grand Prix and now she was burried in the cathedral. Monaco was rather sad and I went on the beach in Menton. September sunshine was worth the trip.

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Over the years many people came to the beach for fun and incredible cheap holidays. Whether or not you were a part of the Menton beach gang of the 80s, we'd like to hear from you.

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