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Chiemsee Pipemasters 1997

The 'El Nino' Winter of 97/98 saw a late arrival of classic conditions on the North Shore. Together with the Honolulu Marathon the first good swell arrived and draw the crowds to the unusual wide beaches on the North Shore.

men who ride mountains
Descent into hell?!
be fast and have no fear!
Johnny Boy in the Door
and a little play in the left-overs
Shane Dorian has fun!

Conditions built up over the week when the Pipemasters were held. While Pipeline was far from classic during the trials, the local talent sorted out the three places open in the main event. Michael Ho made it with his huge experience of the spot while the younger Joel Tudor finaly gave way to John Boy Gomes.

just like in the early days of tube-riding
Mr Pipe - Gerry Lopez
easy looking hard work
Johnny Boy rocks solid
sneaks in again
Shane Dorian is smart

The Hawaiians ruled this year's final, with the two trialists, Michael Ho and John Boy Gomes making it into the final. JBG's strenght won over 1985's Tripple Crown Champion experience. The guys standing thext to them on the podium were Sunny Garcia, and Shane Dorian.

Harder than the best!
Sunny Garcia rules!

In 1995 Sunny saw his almost certain World Title disappear in a couple of hold-down waves and so it went to Kelly Slater who outsmarted Rob Machado in that epic finale. Now, in 1997, with John Boy Gomes he once again found no luck with the judges and Pipeline's fickle wave production. Now, in 2000, Sunny started early and laid a solid foundation to his world title, which already fell into his hand in Brazil, and leaves the 2000' pipemasters with a little less suspense.

Mahalo nui Aloha, see you on JahTours.

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