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North Shore Notes

[Driving to the North Shore]

Thanks to Baywatch, the North Shore's idyllic image gets promoted all over the world and it will certainly boost the real estate market over the years to follow.

BK on da North Shore
On Kamehameha HWY 83
Japanese shopping ladies
North Shore bikepath
men who save your life
Real Lifeguards

No full-breasted babes running around all the time. The harsh winter reality of the North Shore is far from the summer playpen pictures you may have seen on Baywatch. Weather and wave conditions can change from hour to hour and even experienced surfers get into rip currents faster than a tow-in jetski. When Second Reef fires, it is time to roll up the beach towels and keep an open eye on the ocean. Also, keep an eye on your car, should you have anything of value in it. There are signs with high surf alert and signs with high theft area, keep these warnings in mind before setting out to the North Shore.

Surfing fans from all over the world
North Shore shores
boys in the waves ... babes on the beach
Reef girl
big-lens photographers catch the action
Shooter gallery

When the waves are up and the sun is out the action is definitely up in the water and on the beach. Big-lens cameramen catch the action and the actors are battling it out in some of the most crowded surfbreaks imaginable.

Driving to the North Shore

Surfer's map of Oahu
Surfer's map of Oahu

  • Starting from Waikiki / Honolulu / HNL Airport, get on the H1 Freeway Westbound.
  • Take the H2 Freeway Northbound exit, just past Pearl City.
  • turn right here

  • The H2 Freeway ends at Schofield Barracks, turning into Highway 99.
    Go past the military barracks on your left. Turn right at the three way intersection to stay on Highway 99, following the sign towards Haleiwa.
  • Turn left at the Del Monte Garden (do not bother to stop here, the shop is priced to japanese standards), staying on Highway 99 towards the North Shore.
  • Turn on to Highway 83, following the Historic Haleiwa Town sign.
    Go around the traffic circle, turning right into Haleiwa for surf shops and Haleiwa based competitions.
  • Continue following the coast on Highway 83 to get to legendary surf spots Waimea (the bay with the church), Pipeline, and Sunset Beach.
  • Before you set out to watch some of the most spectacular waves, do not leave ANY valuables (cameras, cash, anything of value) inside a car, you're in high theft area. Petty theft

No pain .. no fun!
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Mahalo nui Aloha, see you on JahTours.

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